Open to ideas

We see the LJC as a space of collaboration with people of Christian faith and so we are always open to ideas about how to grow this project with the meaningful input of others. 

LJC collaborators are a key way that we want to invite you into shaping the LJC with us. If you are a creative person, we want you to find a home for your creativity here.

As well as individuals, we would also love to hear from groups and networks of creatives who would be excited to use our spaces and be involved in creative conversations about the direction of the LJC.

Your space

As an LJC collaborator, you can:

1. Use our spaces in central London for a low cost

2. Make creative suggestions about ways in which we can collaborate

3. Have the creative freedom to execute your vision

Make your pitch

If you have an idea (big or small) for how you could collaborate with us, this is your opportunity to make a pitch! Get in touch and let’s see what we can make happen.