Retreats at LJC

We currently offer 3 kinds of retreats at LJC - 1-day retreats, short retreats in daily life, and the Spiritual Exercises in daily life (the ‘19th Annotation’).

1-day retreats

We offer 1-day retreats regularly throughout the year, usually on a Saturday, online or in person. They are guided by our spirituality team and volunteers, and include times of prayer, reflection and group sharing. You can see our upcoming retreats on the What’s On calendar.

Retreats in daily life

Retreats in daily life are offered online regularly through the year. They usually last for a week, or we sometimes offer a longer version, such as a 5-week retreat during Lent. In these retreats, you are given a retreat guide with whom you meet individually each day (or weekly in a longer retreat). Your retreat guide listens attentively to whatever you bring to your meetings, and offers you guidance in prayer and spirituality. These retreats often include optional workshops to help you practice different methods of prayer such as imaginative contemplation and the Examen.

Spiritual Exercises in daily life (the ‘19th Annotation’)

We have a group of Ignatian-trained associate directors who offer the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius in daily life (also known as a ‘19th Annotation’ retreat). Directors will lead 19th Annotation retreats in different ways, and people can progress through the Exercises at different speeds, but roughly you should expect to put aside a least 1 hour a day for prayer; 6 days out of 7; and for somewhere between 9-12 months. If you're interested in pursuing this through the LJC and you are based in the London area, you should ask for a spiritual direction referral, and write on your contact form that you are especially looking for someone to lead you through a 19th Annotation. We will then send you a longer request form to complete, in order to pair you with a director.

You can also complete The Spiritual Exercises as a full-time, 30-day retreat through other Ignatian spirituality centres, details below.

Other Ignatian retreat centres

St Beuno’s

Set in rural North Wales, St. Beuno's is the only residential Jesuit run Spirituality Centre in Britain. It offers individually guided retreats and training in Ignatian Spirituality.

Explore St Beuno’s

The Ignatian Spirituality Centre

The Ignatian Spirituality Centre, Glasgow, is a centre for retreats and training in Ignatian Spirituality. This city centre venue works with other retreat centres to offer residential retreats and pilgrimages in the UK and Spain. Online training is also on offer.


The Retreat Association

The Retreat Association is a national ecumenical Christian organisation that helps people find ways of exploring and deepening their journey with God through spirituality and prayer and which helps people find retreats and spiritual direction.


Ongoing spiritual direction

If you would like spiritual direction beyond the time of your retreat, we can suggest and put you in contact with spiritual directors on the LJC list of directors.

Young Adult Ministries

Jesuit Young Adult Ministries accompany young adults on the journey of faith and operate here at the LJC.

Stay with us

We offer residential accommodation to visitors attending our courses, so please enquire about staying at the LJC if that would be helpful to you.

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