The Professor CSP Hunter Scholarships

The Professor CSP Hunter Scholarships are aimed at early career researchers, and fund the cost of Heythrop Library membership for them only (normally £60). As of 14 June 2023, seven of the ten scholarships have now been awarded.

Please note that there are a number of free membership categories (e.g. for current students at any level at any UK FE or HE institution).


Recipients of The Professor CSP Hunter Scholarships:

  1. Must live in easy travelling distance to our reading room in Mount Street (Mayfair), i.e. within 3 hours by public transport.
  2. Must have completed at least a Master’s degree in either theology or philosophy.
  3. Must apply within the first five (5) years of having submitted the final version of a Master's or PhD thesis.
  4. Both independent researchers and those affiliated with an academic institution are eligible.

What the scholarship entails:

  1. Covers the memberships for the Heythrop Library (Mayfair) for twelve (12) months only (currently £60), and this can start on any date after the 5 January 2023.
  2. Depending on uptake, the bursary may be renewable after the first year of membership at the Heythrop Library.
  3. Successful applicants must agree to provide us with their name, photo, and a short profile; this will be shared with the funder of these scholarships, and on our social media or other online provisions.

This scholarship does not entail any other benefits (such as help with costs towards the recipient's costs for travel, sustenance or accommodation).

How to apply for one of The Professor CSP Hunter scholarships:

Please email us, with:

  1. your academic CV.
  2. up to 50 words about yourself.
  3. up to 50 words on how a Heythrop Library membership might benefit you and your research/work.
  4. Please provide your postal address.
  5. Please indicate, if successful, when you would like your membership to start.

Applications are still open. We will announce when all ten scholarships have been allocated. They will be awarded on a rolling basis.

Get to know those who have been awarded a scholarships so far (in order of when they were allocated):